Furnishings from yesteryear are not only suitable for the living room, but also for the kitchen. If you add small, aesthetically pleasing details such as antique porcelain or old crockery, you can achieve a truly Victorian arrangement. This is a solution not only for fans of porcelain antiques, but also for those who have fond memories of vintage kitchen accessories found in their childhood homes. Be sure to check out our range!

What antique cookware for the kitchen can you find at Ant-Art?

In our online shop you will not only find porcelain antiques, but also items such as:

  • plates, bouillon plates, jugs, sugar bowls, bowls, carafes,
  • cups, saucers, glasses.

The old vessels we offer come from different years and countries, such as Italy, England or China. They are decorated with flowers, blue patterns associated with Bolesławiec products, landscapes or animals. Vintage kitchen accessories also consist of interesting materials: tin, copper or crystal. Antique porcelain makes the biggest impression on customers. Feel free to take a look around, as the range is extensive!

They are not only practical items for everyday use, but also a unique sign of the times. They have their unique design, origin and long history, but most importantly, antique crockery will work anywhere - even in the kitchen!

Moreover, they are not only kitchen setting pieces, but also a unique decorative element. They are distinguished by the classics and past trends that prevailed at the time they were produced. However, in addition to their natural charm, they are usually additionally decorated. Patterned, rich motifs, modest embellishments or graphics in a wide variety of colours from the colour palette are sure to enrich any kitchen.

Antique kitchenware can originate from any corner of the world. In the assortment of our antique shop you will find pieces of crockery from close by Bavaria, Italian classics, but also ornate crockery from as far away as China, which we particularly recommend to lovers of oriental accents. You can rest assured that they are and will remain one-of-a-kind. It is impossible to find such pieces in today's shops.

Antique kitchenware for every occasion

The most numerous of their fans are teacups. Most popular at the time for drinking hot tea or coffee, they were used in this way all over the world. The antiques will beautifully decorate any coffee table and add variety to an afternoon dessert break or meeting with loved ones. There will also be crockery for cooler liquids, such as crystal glasses, glasses or decanters or metal teapots for brewing hot drinks. The kitchen equipment on display will also include flat and deep plates, saucepans, bowls, platters and tableware sets, for example for breakfast.

The selection of crockery used to be approached with extreme meticulousness. Raw materials were much more expensive back then, so care was taken not to waste them. This is why the quality of antique items differs from that of today. Thus, whether made of porcelain, ceramic, crystal, wood or yet another material - with proper care, they will certainly serve us for decades to come.

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