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Villeroy&Boch- Vild Rose breakfast service for 6 persons


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Breakfast service Villeroy&Boch- Vild Rose Made from the highest quality porcelain by the renowned brand Villeroy & Boch from the collection - WILD ROSE. The service is characterised by a motif of convex handmade and painted flowers. The signatures come from different periods. The W. Germany signature was used from the 1970s to 1990. The green signature - depicts the head of Mercury with a winged cap, two caduceus or poles entwined to form a snake, a banner or poster with the words 'VILLEROY & BOCH ' and a fancy semi-circular banner with the name of the factory. It dates from the 1980s.

The kit includes:

jug - length: 18cm, width: 12cm, height without lid: 17cm, total height: 24cm

milkshake - length: 10.5cm, width: 7.5cm, height: 8.5cm

1x cup without handle - height; 8cm, diameter: 7.5cm

6x cups - diameter: 8.5cm, height: 7cm

6x saucers - diameter: 16cm

6x for dessert - diameter: 21cm 5x for egg - diameter: 5cm, height: 5.5cm

1x oval platter - length: 32cm, width: 16cm, height: 2.5cm

2x flat plates - diameter: 26.5cm

1x small platter - diameter: 16cm, height: 4.5cm

2x boards - length: 24cm, width: 16cm

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