Rosenthal Studio Line coffee service for 6 persons


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Rosenthal Studio Line coffee service for 6 persons
Beautiful coffee service for 6 persons of high-quality porcelain by the Rosenthal Studio Line manufactory.
Pure white porcelain exterior in grey.
  • length: 21cm,
  • top diameter: 9cm,
  • base diameter: 11.5cm,
  • Height without cover: 20.5cm,
  • height with cover: 24cm
  • height:9cm,
  • top diameter: 5.5cm,
  • base diameter:6cm
Confectioner -
  • height with cover: 11cm,
  • Height without cover: 7.5cm ,
  • top diameter: 9cm,
  • base diameter: 4.5cm
6x cups-
  • height: 7cm,
  • diameter:8cm
6x saucers-
  • diameter : 14.5cm
6x dessert -
  • diameter: 19cm
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